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Race in Malaysia to win a car

A RACE through Malaysia, tackling obstacles along the way, to win a car and $10, 000 cash. Why not?

Indeed, more than 100 people signed up for the Mitsubishi Challenge over the weekend. It is a new local reality show sponsored by car dist ributor Cycle & Carriage. The eight-episode series will be shown on Channel 5 in April.

Eight two-member teams will participate in a driving challenge across Malaysia next month, navigating through places such as Malacca, Johor, Kuala Lumpur and P ort Dickson.

In each location, they will complete tasks that will test their driving skill s, such as completing a race circuit in the shortest time. The race is expected to take 12 to 14 days with one team eliminated at each pit stop. Think of it lik e the reality TV show The Amazing Race, but with wheels.

The winning team will get a Mitsub ishi Lancer EX 1.5 Sports car (left) and $10,000 cash.

Auditions will be held to select the eight teams. Each duo will have to give a two-minute introduction of themselves and talk about their passion for driving.

One team that hopes to b e a part of the challenge is Mr Hoo Chong Hooi, 29, and Mr Fong Foo Cheong, 32. The latter, an electrical engineer, says he will take on the challenge as a game and enjoy it with his pal.

However, Mr Hoo, a production engineering trainer, says he is e yeing the prize of a car. 'We'll work on how to share the car if we win it,' he says.

Auditions will be held this weekend at Suntec City from 11.30am to 9pm. Shortlisted teams will go through an advanced driving course to test their skills before the final eight pairs are selected.

Participants must have a valid Class 3 drivi ng licence and be at least 21 years old. The competition is open to Singaporeans and permanent residents.

Tay Suan Chiang

For more information, see http://5.mediacorptv.sg/wassup/hotpicks/view/980/1/.html